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As a company, when delivering to VCA-certified companies, it is necessary to be able to demonstrate that the employees are in possession of a recognised VCA basic safety certificate. The person acting as the contact person for these employees must possess a VCA VOL diploma.

For Whom?

Operational employees who work for clients who require the VCA diploma.


The course participant gains insight into all safety aspects with which he is confronted when working for SCC-certified companies. If the examination is passed successfully, the Basic Safety SCC diploma or the SCC-VOL diploma, as the case may be, will be issued.


  • Working conditions legislation
  • Risks and prevention
  • Hazardous substances
  • Machines and tools
  • Hoisting and lifting
  • Working at height
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Fire
  • Explosion hazard
  • Electricity


Afterwards, an exam is taken. If the examination results are satisfactory, the certificate of Basic Safety SCC or SCC-VOL will be issued. The diploma has a validity of 10 years.

Participants: Maximum 20 per group.

Cabooter people academy


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