Logistics training successful for vidar candidates

Last week, five candidates from Vidar, all status holders with an Arabic background, followed a three-day training in logistics. The training took place in cooperation with training centre Cabooter People Academy. The first day of the training focused on theory, the other two on practice.

In order to prepare properly, all candidates received the teaching materials in Arabic, their mother tongue, prior to the training days. The training itself, however, was given entirely in Dutch. Where necessary, reference was made to the Arabic teaching material. During the training, a nice group dynamic emerged in which the candidates helped each other with translating the course material.

For the last training day Mainfreight Logistic Services from Born made their warehouse and so-called 'order picking trucks' available. Thanks to their cooperation, the candidates were able to practise their previously acquired knowledge and experience and were able to take an exam at the end of the day.

We look back on three particularly successful days during which four of the five candidates obtained all the certificates. Meanwhile, one candidate has already started working at Mainfreight Logistic Services through a trial placement. The other candidates are in a development process within Vidar and will continue to find work from there. The knowledge and experience they have gained during the training will certainly help them in this!

Source: https://www.vidar.nl/nieuws/training-in-logistiek-pakt-succesvol-uit-voor-kandidaten-vidar