Cabooter people academy


Warehouse employees can work with a stacker truck in addition to a forklift or reach truck. It is very important to pay attention to vehicle control and safety aspects. 

For Whom?

Expeditionary staff working with a stacker.


The learner will master the basic skills for the safe use of the stacker.


  • Laws and regulations

  • Construction and operation

  • Maintenance and inspections

  • Operation and ergonomics

  • Load handling

  • Safety

  • Getting ready for use

  • Daily maintenance

  • Operation

  • Load handling

  • Safety

  • Participants are required to wear safety shoes during the practical part of the training. Participants provide their own safety shoes.


There will be no exam at the end. Participants will receive a certificate and pass from Cabooter People Academy when sufficient knowledge is shown.

These are valid for a period of 5 years.

Ask for the possibilities if it concerns an additional part.

Cabooter people academy


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