Employees of the Port of Baku underwent a 1-month training in Europe's largest logistics centre!

Employees from the port of Baku and a number of companies active in logistics in Azerbaijan successfully completed the training programme in Echt and Venlo.

Participants first took part in 1-week seminars by professional specialists at Cabooter People Academy, partner of Cabooter Group, after which they developed their skills and experience on real work for 3 weeks increased. This in collaboration with Pontifex Examination Bureau.

During the training, participants learned and practised the methods of effective management of different types of modern logistics techniques, the methods of applying the most successful solutions for receiving, placing and dispatching cargo in an operational form. At the same time, participants were introduced to the methods of creating a safe working environment according to the latest standards in logistics centres.

It should be noted that this programme is being implemented on the basis of the memorandum of understanding signed in November 2019 between the Port of Baku and one of europe's largest logistics centres, "Cabooter Group". Such programmes, which play an invaluable role in studying advanced practices applied in Europe in the field of logistics, transport and trade, are planned to be organised regularly by the Port of Baku.