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Working with internal transport equipment is not without risk. Anyone who works with an internal transport device must be able to show that he/she is aware of the safety regulations, working conditions regulations, traffic regulations, etc. In addition to this theoretical knowledge, one must of course also be able to handle various internal transport vehicles in practice.

Not only for employees, but also for employers, it is of great importance that personnel who work with an internal transport vehicle have received proper training. Employers are not insured in case of an accident when the personnel has not had proper training.

At Cabooter People Academy, students can obtain their certificate in a single day for a forklift truck, reach truck, electric pallet truck, stacker, reach stacker, terminal tractor or aerial work platform. Combination training courses for several machines or Incompany (at your own company) are also possible. The course is structured in such a way that it can be followed by everyone (with or without experience).

The course ends with a theory exam. The practical part is assessed by the instructor.

EPT (Electric pallet truck)


Terminal tractor

Reach truck


Cabooter people academy


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