Company emergency service (BHV)

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Company emergency service (BHV)

The Working Conditions Act requires employers to organise in-house emergency response services. It is important that company emergency response officers refresh their knowledge and skills annually by following the company emergency response officer training.

For Whom?

Persons who fulfil (or will fulfil) the function of emergency response officer within their organisation and wish to obtain a valid emergency response officer certificate.


The trainee learns to take measures in a situation with danger for safety or health to minimise the damage.


  • Organisation of company emergency services
  • Alert
  • Evacuation and communication
  • Burning and extinguishing
  • Fighting fires with extinguishers
  • Life-saving and resuscitation Practice
  • Life-saving treatment (first aid and resuscitation)
  • Stopping bleeding and applying bandages


No exam is taken afterwards. Participants receive a company emergency response worker certificate.

The certificate is valid for one year.

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